Recycled Rockpool

Did you make a rainforest with us last summer? With the end of the summer holidays coming, why not relive seaside memories and make your own rockpool habitat out of recycled materials? We have some inspiration and ideas for you here, but you can let your imagination run wild and make creatures from crabs to sea anemones, starfish to periwinkles… Read on to discover rockpool … Continue reading Recycled Rockpool

Photograph of long grasses at dusk

12 Days of Winter Wildlife: Healthy Habitats

For day eight of our 12 days of winter wildlife, we are exploring healthy habitats. Cambridge University Botanic Garden works hard to be a wildlife haven in central Cambridge. Follow our virtual tour of some of the winter wildlife it supports: In today’s blogpost we will be uncovering some of the unsung heroes that keep our habitats healthy. Winter Wildlife: Earthworms Join Dr Ed Turner … Continue reading 12 Days of Winter Wildlife: Healthy Habitats