Cherry blossom

Wildlife Diaries from the Botanic Garden: March 20-26

Welcome back to Wildlife Diaries. This is a collaboration between the Museum of Zoology and Cambridge University Botanic Garden, sharing the wildlife of the Garden as spring arrives. Catch up on last week’s post, filled with moths, cherry blossom about to bloom and birds collecting nesting materials , and the week before with with badgers, bats and more, and the first Wildlife Diaries post with … Continue reading Wildlife Diaries from the Botanic Garden: March 20-26

Frogspawn Fun

In garden ponds across the country, clumps of jelly-like eggs are hatching into little, wriggling tadpoles. Here at the Puggle Club we are celebrating the amazing world of baby frogs with some fun, froggy activities. Make your own frogspawn Tapioca frogspawn (made from Cassava flour) is safe to eat, although not very tasty. It makes a great tactile experience for all ages and abilities. You … Continue reading Frogspawn Fun