Photograph of a damselfly

Dragonfly Week

Did you know it is Dragonfly Week this week? An initiative by the British Dragonfly Society, you can find fun online activities and inspired by these beautiful insects on their website: If you are looking for an introduction to dragonflies and damselflies look no further. For Zoology Live this year, local dragonfly expert Duncan Mackay put together a beautiful film of some of our … Continue reading Dragonfly Week

Photograph of a peacock buttefly on a flower

Zoology Live Day 2: Minibeasts part 2

Welcome back to our online Zoology Live festival. Continuing our celebration of all things insects and invertebrate, today we will be exploring insects on the wing. Join us TODAY at 4pm when we will have new films and LIVE interviews with Museum Research Assistant Matthew Hayes, who will he sharing butterfly-spotting tips with us, and dragonfly expert Duncan Mackay, here to answer you questions about … Continue reading Zoology Live Day 2: Minibeasts part 2