Photograph of a reed warbler

The Ten Locally Breeding Warblers

Academic in the Department of Zoology, and one of our visitor engagement volunteers in the Museum, Dr Tony Fulford writes: ‘Swallows don’t quite do it for me.  Don’t get me wrong, they are wonderful birds, skimming the ponds and twittering in the sky, but it isn’t they who bring in spring.  They are up there if you look but they don’t fill the air with … Continue reading The Ten Locally Breeding Warblers

Photograph of a male chaffinch

Nature Postcard from Wicken Fen

We have a treat this week in Wildlife From Your Window: a virtual postcard from a pre-lockdown Wicken Fen, written by Professor Nick Davies of the Department of Zoology. ‘Just before the lockdown, there was a final chance to visit Wicken Fen, still clothed in her winter’s coat of last year’s yellow reeds. Many birds were still in winter flocks. On the floods, there were … Continue reading Nature Postcard from Wicken Fen