Rockpools on the west coast of Scotland

Pondwatch: Rockpools

It’s the summer, and so in the last of our posts celebrating National Marine Week we are having a go at our favourite beach holiday activity: rockpooling. Join Learning Officer Dr Roz Wade as she explores the animals living in the rockpools of the west coast of Scotland. Watch the feeding tentacles of sea anemones, the slow but steady movements of sea snails, darting fish, … Continue reading Pondwatch: Rockpools

Photograph of a ramshorn snail and two baby newts in a pond dipping tray

Pondwatch Episode 6: Summer in the Pond

Roz Wade, Learning Officer at the Museum, writes: The garden pond has been thriving over the summer, and I have loved watching the wildlife it is supporting. Since the last episode of Pondwatch I have been pond dipping several times, and found some beautiful animals living in the water. It is wonderful to see so many baby newts, from tiny, almost transparent ones without any … Continue reading Pondwatch Episode 6: Summer in the Pond

Photograph of a newt swimming up under a waterlily leaf

Pondwatch Episode 4: Dancing Newts

Roz Wade, Learning Officer at the Museum, writes: A couple of weeks ago I found that we had newts living in the garden pond. I have seen that we have at least five if not six living in there, and they have been showing some fascinating behaviour this week. We have some males in their breeding garb, with a wonderful crest along the back. They … Continue reading Pondwatch Episode 4: Dancing Newts

Pondwatch Episode 3: Newts!

Roz Wade, Learning Officer at the Museum, writes: We have exciting news on this episode of Pondwatch – newts in the garden pond! I’ve been watching them closely, and managed to capture them on camera when they came out from their hiding places. We also have some of the aquatic finds of other members of the Museum team, so lots to explore this week. There … Continue reading Pondwatch Episode 3: Newts!

Pondwatch Episode 2: Ed Turner

We’re back with another episode of Pondwatch. This time, Dr Ed Turner, our Curator of Insects, will be taking you pond-dipping and introducing you to some of the invertebrates living in his garden pond. Don’t have a pond but you’re thinking of creating one? Now is the perfect time. There are some brilliant websites out there with hints and tips on how to do this. … Continue reading Pondwatch Episode 2: Ed Turner

Mosaic of multi-coloured flags created by children with messages about the importance of nature

Helping Nature Help Us

For Earth Day 2023, the Museum of Zoology worked with schools and families to create displays all about what nature does for us and what we can do for nature. Read on to see these wonderful creations, and for top tips on helping nature and letting nature help you. Helping Nature Help Us with The Grove Primary, Nelson Academy and Lionel Walden Primary School Beginning … Continue reading Helping Nature Help Us

Frog and snail at the surface of a pond

Zoology Live! 2022: Supporting Wildlife Today

In the Zoology Live! livestream on June 22 we explored how we monitor wildlife today, with Dr Julia Mackenzie from Anglia Ruskin University showing how she monitors the nesting birds in Cambridge University Botanic Garden, and Professor Ed Turner of the Museum of Zoology sharing his research into arthropod biodiversity in Southeast Asia: You too can get involved with monitoring wildlife. Get a taste at … Continue reading Zoology Live! 2022: Supporting Wildlife Today

Recycled Rockpool

Did you make a rainforest with us last summer? With the end of the summer holidays coming, why not relive seaside memories and make your own rockpool habitat out of recycled materials? We have some inspiration and ideas for you here, but you can let your imagination run wild and make creatures from crabs to sea anemones, starfish to periwinkles… Read on to discover rockpool … Continue reading Recycled Rockpool

Group of mallards and swans

12 Days of Winter Wildlife: Winter Water

Go to the river over the winter months and you will see swans, ducks, geese and more. For day nine of our 12 days of winter wildlife, we are celebrating all things water and waterfowl. Winter Wildlife: Water Birds Academic in the Department of Zoology, and one of our visitor engagement volunteers in the Museum, Dr Tony Fulford writes: Bodies of fresh water such as … Continue reading 12 Days of Winter Wildlife: Winter Water

Photograph of newts, ramshorn snail and other results of pond dipping

Zoology Live Day 3: Pondlife and Wildlife Films

Welcome back to our online Zoology Live festival. Today we will be exploring the wildlife living in ponds. Join us TODAY at 4pm for pond-dipping advice and tips of filming wildlife on a budget, and LIVE interviews with your chance to ask Dr Frances Dipper your questions about aqautic wildlife, and quiz Ellie Bladon on wildlife filmaking. Find Out More About Pondlife The Museum team … Continue reading Zoology Live Day 3: Pondlife and Wildlife Films

Photograph of a hoverfly resting on a leaf

Zoology Live! 22-27 June

The Museum may be closed, but there is amazing wildlife on your doorstep waiting to be explored. As we can’t celebrate our annual Zoology Live festival at the Museum this year, we are bringing it to you online instead with a week of films, interviews and activities. Every day at 4pm, join us on YouTube Live for wildlife films and live interviews with experts, and … Continue reading Zoology Live! 22-27 June


Build your own Mini-Pond

Creating a pond is one of the best ways to provide a diverse range of habitats and attract a wide variety of new species to any outdoor space. You are likely to encounter wildlife you would otherwise never see, which makes pond dipping popular amongst children and adults alike. If you only have a small garden, or no outdoor space at all, then don’t worry … Continue reading Build your own Mini-Pond