Frogspawn Fun

In garden ponds across the country, clumps of jelly-like eggs are hatching into little, wriggling tadpoles. Here at the Puggle Club we are celebrating the amazing world of baby frogs with some fun, froggy activities.

Make your own frogspawn

Tactile frogspawn made from tapioca

Tapioca frogspawn (made from Cassava flour) is safe to eat, although not very tasty. It makes a great tactile experience for all ages and abilities.

You will need: tapioca pearls, green food colouring, a saucepan, boiled water and a spoon.

Download the recipe here:

Make sure you allow your frogspawn to cool fully before play.


Frogspawn hatches out into tadpoles. These are small and dark, with a wriggly tail that helps them to swim through the water.

Tadpoles swimming in a garden pond

To see more frogspawn and tadpoles, why not take a look at our first episode of Pondwatch.

Frog Song

Over time, the tadpoles lose their tails, grow legs and make their way onto land as frogs.

Frogs are famous for their song. Can you make the sound of a frog? Here are some visitors to our Animal Sounds Day in October 2019 doing just that:

Frog sounds made by visitors to the Museum of Zoology Animal Sounds Day in October 2019

Do frogs actually go ribbit? Check out the Froglife website to hear the calls of frogs and toads – the different types of frogs and toads sound very different too.

And why not look back at ‘What does the animal say?’ for a tour of the Museum with more animal sounds made by you, our visitors.

line drawing of a common frog

Frogs have really long back legs that mean they can jump a long way. If you are lucky enough to have a garden and to see a frog, sit quietly and wait for it to jump. After pushing off, you’ll be able to see its long legs in the air behind them.

Go on the journey from frogspawn to frog with our colouring-in sheet:

For more froggy family activities, check out our Crafty Creatures post with jumping origami frogs and lots of froggy facts.

Photograph of the head of a frog from above
©Matt Lowe

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